Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day Out With Thomas

For the kids' birthday, we got tickets to ride the REAL Thomas! They each picked a favorite Thomas shirt from our sizeable stash, and we headed over to Grapevine. They were excited to spot Thomas from down the street, and wave Hi as we passed to find a parking spot. We saw all kinds of fun activities on our way to the boarding area, and then waited in line to get our boarding passes. The kids got to wait on the edge of the platform and watch for the big guy himself - Eleanor was super excited, Steven was a little nervous.

Boarding the vintage train was fun - we got to go through the "party" car and into a nice coach with reversible seats so we could all sit as a group. Steven was still a little skeptical...

...and Eleanor had fun listening to the show's songs they played and presenting her ticket to the conductor to be punched.

Thomas did eventually get a smile out of him though.

After the ride, we went to the front to say "thank you" to Thomas, but they were both a little overwhelmed to "meet" him.

In the end, the scooter corral was a little more Steven's speed.

And Eleanor loved the big bubble machine.

It was a really fun Day Out!

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