Monday, November 11, 2013

Where to start, where to start...

Where does one even start with a post about life with 19-month-olds? There's just so much going on, every minute, I don't even know where to begin documenting it.

They're into everything, all the time. They want to do everything, all the time (Steven's favorite phrase right now: "Do dat! Do dat!") They want to read all the books, play all the games, chase the dog, color all the paper, swing in the swing, eat all the snacks, drink up everything life has to give them.

This is a pretty typical pre-bedtime Eleanor - get into monkey pajamas and tiara, and go around giving mommy and daddy kisses (well, the kisses were new tonight, and amazingly sweet and fun) while experimenting with echoing siren sounds in a cup.

We've also gotten set up this week with some basic crafts - they've been enjoying coloring with crayons for a while now, so I thought it would be fun to introduce play-doh, pipe cleaners, and a few other things. It turns out play-doh is Steven's new favorite thing. He brings me the tub every chance he gets, and loves to see how he can change its shape and put it in different containers.

His sense of adventure cracks me up. Once he sets his mind to something, nothing's going to stand in his way. He has a bizarre fascination with my big straw cup, and one day when it was on my desk, I turned my back for just a minute, and turned back to find this little scene. The boy is determined!