Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Poetry of Two

We've hit this golden stage - and part of me hopes it will last forever - where the kids have enough vocabulary to describe just about anything, but not enough to know the actual names for everything. Steven in particular comes up with these amazingly apt workaround descriptions for things. On the drive home one day, he was excited to spot the "light moon" - the full moon visible in the daylight sky. He went on from there to sing a little song, "Moon inna daytime, I put in my backpack. Moon inna daytime, I put in my backpack."

Eleanor makes up little songs, too - today it was "Oh no! He's rollin' (holdin'?) my toe!" to a very catchy little tune.

They have utterly eloquent little narratives about how the rain lives in the clouds and comes down sometimes with a "boom," and today after Sunday School they told me the story of Anna and Baby Jesus and... the guy holding Baby Jesus (Simeon), and Baby Jesus's mommy and daddy.

I heard a funny conversation going on the other evening while I was making dinner, so I stuck my head through the passthrough from the kitchen - Eleanor was on her toy phone, having a lengthy conversation with Jimin (their Korean aunt).

A few minutes later, they were crouched together over a broken pinwheel, trying to put it back together to "make a craft" for her. (If you read this, Jimin, WE MISS YOU!)

Apropos of nothing, I'm actually really proud of that haphazard-looking stack of books on the shelf in that picture. Because Steven picked up all those books and put them away himself. I'll take that any day!