Friday, July 28, 2017

A Much-Needed Pause

It seems like life moves faster and faster and you don't even notice until you're given the opportunity to sit for a minute and reflect on everything whirling around you. Today, the Friday of the longest vacation I've taken in... I honestly can't remember when, unless you count maternity leave, was one of those times.

We spent a few fantastic days at the beach last week, and then came home and I had the rest of the week off to do the summer thing old-school. We swam pretty much every day, went to the library, had popsicles and ice cream, painted furniture, had a sleepover, played with dolls and Legos... it's been a shining gem of a week and I realized today that we have exactly four weeks - four more of our lovely Fridays - until kindergarten starts.

Since the kids were born, I've either worked from home or worked a schedule that allowed me to be home with them every Friday. I'm honestly not sure which of us is going to be more shaken by the new five-day schedule - I think they'll be so busy making new friends and learning new things, I'm not sure they'll notice for a while, but I know that for me, this feels like a major letting-go.

It's partly the suddenness of it - we're buying two sets of uniforms, and two sets of school supplies, and once this is done, it's done. They both go, and then they're both grade-schoolers and this is one time I might be wishing we had a little bit of age difference so I could ease myself into it. Just, you know, do this one at a time, one toe in the water to get used to it before we jump all in. I started feeling it at pre-K graduation: wait, hang on, this is it? We're all done? This school that's been their only school their whole lives is just... done?

I know... onward and upward to bigger, better things, and more than anything, I'm so grateful that they get to do bigger and better things together, and that they love doing them that way. I just want to hang on to this sweet summertime for a while, and I'm glad I got this vacation week to savor it with them.