Sunday, February 8, 2015

Playing catch-up

So, as it turns out, the more you have going on, the less you have time to write about it. Funny how that happens. Since the last time I blogged, we've done quite a bit!

We were (almost) all in Aunt Suzy and Uncle Jim's wedding, which was absolutely gorgeous and fun. The kids were wonderful, even if they were a little nervous (Eleanor ran up the aisle to Grandma and forgot to drop any flowers),

and I was glad that Chris was sitting where he was with them so that he could get such great pictures of some special moments during the ceremony.

The food was the best I've had at a wedding - they booked a couple of gourmet food trucks to park outside the venue - and I think the kids enjoyed it quite a bit too.

Oh... did I mention that the men and boys wore kilts? Because they did. Wear kilts. And it was ridiculously adorable. On the boys at least. And ridiculously... manly on the men. Yes. Manly is the word I'm looking for, not adorable. Nope. Not adorable.

After the wedding, as promised years ago, we had our Wizard of Oz Halloween.

Don't tell Steven, though - my gentle boy is terrified of the Cowardly Lion and refused to dress as him for Halloween. He did, however, run to this costume while I was looking for a grey Tin Man-suitable sweat suit at the store, shout "LION CUB!" (what they call Simba) and refuse to take it off the rest of the day. Whatever works, I say...

We had a gorgeous Christmas season this year. All of the grandparents and Cousin Georgia came to the kids' first school program, where everyone sat and waited for them to start singing and then realized that the recorded songs we'd just listened to were the songs they were supposed to be singing along with... it was fun, though, and the kids were all dressed up and adorable, of course. We took them out to lunch after, and to see Santa. They were SO pumped to see him until the time came to actually sit on his lap, at which point, well...

you'll notice who's not actually sitting anywhere near Santa, or anywhere that he could conceivably possibly even touch them. Oh well. Ellie's waving at Georgia, who was making a valiant effort to at least get them to both look in the general direction of the camera.

Christmas Day itself was a lot of fun - we got to see lots of family and friends, and the kids kept very busy with some pretty high-level toddler engineering.

We also made it to Northpark to see the trains (and hey! Mommy made it into a picture!):

Since the new year started, we've started a new semester of school, and we took a weekend trip to San Antonio. I was so impressed with the kids - we did a lot of walking, and they were such good sports! They loved the Riverwalk and the Children's Museum (and especially, once we kind of figured out how to use it, the Daniel Tiger-style trolley we took to get to everything), and Grandma Lindy and Grandpa Buz came down to have lunch with us and see the Mercado.

It's hard to believe we're coming up next week on our third Unbirthday, and shortly after that, their third birthday! It's been almost-three amazing, action-packed years with two little people who keep me on my toes every minute. I can't imagine life without them.