Monday, March 11, 2013


These kids are picking up words SO fast. I'm honestly amazed, especially when something clicks and I realize they've been saying something for a while and I just haven't noticed. Currently, Steven says "ball," "bye-bye," "bark!" "dada," "hi!" and "book." Eleanor has "mama" (yes!), "all done" (well, once, but correctly), "dada," "ball," and brand new today, "Sadie." Well, more like "Yadie," but she's pretty clear about using it to call the dog!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A minute in the life

I'm not sure what's crazier about this video: the free-standing, the cruising, or the fact that I bought these 18-MONTH-SIZED clothes thinking they'd be too big. There's a little room to grow, but they're not enormous like I thought they'd be.

Friday, March 1, 2013


I could not be more proud of my little ones this week. We had their second visit with a developmental pediatrician (being twins and preemies gave them enough risk factors that we were encouraged to take them), and they were AMAZING.

For anyone who hasn't been to that type of doctor before, she starts out the visit with a chat about what they've been doing at home, so that she can get a sense for what I've observed that they might not display during the appointment, and so that the kids can have some time to get acclimated to the room, which is set up like a play room with toys and a big mirror on the wall. While I was telling her about the things they've been doing lately (crawling, pulling up, standing unassisted, eating table food, talking), they were taking their own assessment of all the toys and things to pull up on.

Right as I was telling her that Steven is crawling but a little shy, and may not show off for her, he spotted a ball on the shelf. And away he went! He told us what it was, too, when he got there.

While Steven was checking out the ball, Eleanor did all the little testing games - grabbing a ring on a string (then grabbing the string), ringing a bell, pulling a peg out of a pegboard and poking her finger in the hole, grabbing Cheerios with the right grasp - she was a total rockstar. She got a handful of Cheerios while Steven did the same.

(Peekaboo was another part of the judging criteria, which they aced, of course.)

The therapist (doctor? I think they're called therapists) was a little skeptical when I told her how much they eat at meals, until she weighed them - they're both right in the middle of their (actual) age-range for weight. Considering how tiny they were when they were born, that's pretty impressive!

I just could not be more proud of these guys. Every day, they do something new and learn something new, and every day I'm just amazed at the little people they've become.