Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Nursery

The nursery is almost done - everything's put together except the window treatment, and that's on its way. I love it - so light and sweet.

A tour of the room, counterclockwise:

Just to the right of the door, as you walk in, is the dresser - incredible painting courtesy of Curbside Creations (more great photos at the link), with a yet-to-be-hung ceramic hot air balloon that my parents brought from either Prague or Budapest (I can't remember which).

On the next wall, we have Steven's crib, currently more of a stuffed-animal storage space, with artwork by my sister - and I LOVE the pottery barn kids crib set with the animals in hot air balloons (are you noticing the theme yet?)

A closeup of the artwork:

This isn't just A hot air balloon, it's the balloon TARDIS from the Doctor Who Christmas special "The Next Doctor." Because my sister is awesome like that.

From there, we have the changing table (with great vintage artwork from friends), a kid-sized bookshelf I painted to hold books and toys, and a comfy chair we bought for my study originally - it ended up being the perfect size and color for the nursery.

The view out this window is amazing - it was a big selling point of the house for me. The window looks out over our cottage-y looking roof, a BIG oak tree, and the back yard.

The last wall has Eleanor's crib, with more great art from my sister:

This one is the balloon from The Wizard of Oz, my very favorite movie. These kids have a talented aunt!


  1. Oh their room is precious! I love it, great job!

  2. Oh Yay!! The room looks fantastic and so whimsical!! Thank you again for the privilege of adding to your nursery!