Thursday, May 31, 2012

Babies' First Rainy Day

I suppose, to them, it's not really any different from any other day, but yesterday was the first really rainy day since the babies have been home. We've been getting out a lot, running errands and things, but yesterday we just stayed home and relaxed. It was really nice and quiet. Eleanor played on their play mat for a while - she's getting more and more aware of the hanging toys, and likes to kick and grab at them, and try to lick them. (Which reminds me, I should pick up some Lysol. Because...) Toys aren't the only things she tries to lick - I let the dogs in, and turned my back for one second when I thought Miles was under my desk, and when I turned back around, Miles was licking Eleanor and she was trying desperately to lick him. I guess it was bound to happen some time. I probably should have grabbed the camera... Miles, obviously, thinks the babies are pretty cool. Sadie's more skeptical, but is starting to warm up. The first week, she would run away any time we brought them near her, but in the last few days, she's come up close to check them out a few times. I think that baby-head smell is winning her over. Right now, we're just hanging out on the bed in our jammies while Steven alternately falls asleep and wakes up to hit Eleanor. He's a very happy sleeper - always smiling.

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