Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I took the babies to a pumpkin patch this afternoon for some 6-month photos. Can you believe they're 6 months old already? They're both growing so fast.

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Eleanor is now 24 inches long, and weighs 14 pounds exactly. She's still very thoughtful, but is starting to make more sweet little noises, and she loves to play. She figured out last week how to roll from her back to her stomach, and now she's rolling all over the place. She's our little monkey - she'll grab on to anything around her to help her get to where she wants to be. She's sleeping in a crib now, instead of her rock-n-play, because she started climbing so much, we were afraid she'd climb right out.

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Steven is still a little ham - he loves to talk and laugh and smile at anyone who looks at him. He's 25 inches long, and weighs 14 pounds, 11 ounces - they're both officially "on the charts" for their age now! They're catching up fast. He's really testing out his voice these days - his favorite thing to do is to hold his hands over his head and try out all different pitches of yells and screeches and squawks. 

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They're both getting so good at sitting up - not quite on their own yet, but definitely close! They love to stand up, holding someone's hands, and they both love to laugh and chatter with each other. 

They're more fun every day - I love seeing their little personalities develop, and it's so great to see them enjoying each other.

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